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Higher Education

— Each institution can present one proposal only.

— Select a project leader that will receive and manage the funds: either the French or the American Partner. This project leader will also fill out the application.

— Provide information on the French and U.S. partner institutions: name of the institution, address, name of program coordinators, contact details.

— Indicate whether one of the partner institutions has previously received a grant through the Transatlantic Mobility Program and if so, when.

— Provide details on the background of the partnership, if already existing: since when, areas of collaboration, etc.

— A webinar with franco American partners of existing dual and joint degrees will be offered in May 2024 to inspire prospective applicants and provide information on the conditions of successful partnership.

Contact us at to be invited to this session.



Application Deadline: July 15, 2024

Budget Template

Proposal Details

— Provide a timeline of the proposed project. The start and end dates should reflect the period of academic activities. If you do not know the dates of the program yet, please give an estimate that will reflect the duration of the program.

— Indicate the target audience of the new program and list the expected outcomes for both the partner institutions and the student community.

— Please specify if the proposed project qualifies as STEM, Humanities, Social Sciences or Sciences and Society.

— Indicate the nature of the collaboration you seek to establish between your two institutions.
* Joint courses or mobility of faculty instructors.
* Recognition of credits or credits transfers between the institutions.
* MoU for a future dual or joint degree.
* If relevant, provide the curricula of both partners.


The budget narrative should explain the expenses in each budget category, and which budget items will be covered by the grant, and which ones will be covered by matching funds (e.g., cost-share). Explain how you will leverage funding to comply with the matching requirement (at least 1:1 match). Please note that there is no maximum percentage required. Overhead costs cannot be included in the funding.

Please use the Budget Template. To be uploaded with the application.

Supporting Documents

Applicants must provide the following supporting documents:
— A letter of support from the U.S. institution’s leadership.
— A letter of support from the French institution’s leadership.
— A resume or brief bio for each project coordinator.

We will accept additional attachments that may help to further elaborate on your proposed programs.

If Selected

Once notified of the success of your application, the Albertine Foundation will draft a contract and share it with you and your budget officer. Once signed by all parties, Albertine will proceed to transfer 70% of the funds. Note that successful applicants will receive the first portion of the grant on mid-October 2024, so you should not plan to use these funds earlier.

You will have to submit two reports: an interim report one year after the beginning of the grant cycle to highlight the progress of the project and adherence to the established schedule, and a second report upon the project’s completion. The remaining 30% of the grant will be transferred upon completion of the program.

Institutions that will receive a grant will be expected to publicize the support of the Embassy of France and the Embassy of the United States of America.


Vincent Lépinay
Inès Arcia

Program Officers