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Who can apply to the Transatlantic Mobility Program?

The Transatlantic Mobility Program grants are for higher education institutions, located in the U.S. and in France. They are not individual student scholarships. Students are encouraged to take a look at the other grants and programs [link] offered by the French Embassy and its partners.

Can we include programs based in Overseas French Territories?

Yes, of course! This is highly encouraged.

Can US satellite campuses (in France) be considered as eligible partners?

Unfortunately, no. Partners must be institutions accredited in France.

May two or more US/French HEI collaborate on a single proposal?

Yes. Proposals may involve more than one institution from each country, but one institution must be designated the prime applicant and will receive the funds from the Embassy. Grant management cannot be split between two institutions.

What is the selection process?

A Jury will select six to eight proposals in consultation with the U.S. Embassy in France and NAFSA.

The Proposal

What should be the duration of the program?

The grant period is from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2025. However, the aim of this funding is to create sustainable study abroad programs. The funding is a one-time allocation, but the program is not viewed as a one-year project.

Do the proposed study-abroad programs have a minimum/maximum length required?

There is no specific program length requirement for the student exchange portion. However, please note that long-term programs, such as semester exchanges and curricular integration, are encouraged.

What do you mean by reciprocity?

We do not expect institutions to propose a strictly reciprocal, balanced exchange with student trading places (i.e. equal ration of student exchanges). Reciprocity can be asymmetrical, for example, sending U.S. students for a short-term program to France, and in exchange, welcoming French faculty in the U.S. This exchange does not need to take place during the grant period, but the proposal should demonstrate that the funded program will positively impact the reciprocity between the partner institutions.

Can this grant support a virtual program?

We believe that virtual exchanges are an important means for connecting institutions and fostering faculty collaboration. We therefore support virtual activities and hybrid collaborations. However, the funded program will need to include an in-person international experience for participating students and faculty.

Can I include appendices with my application?

Yes, we will accept additional attachments that may help to further elaborate on your proposed programs, such as a detailed program, itinerary, marketing materials, etc. They must be sent along with the other documents, as one pdf file.

Sustainability Plan

What is the sustainability plan?

The purpose of the Sustainability Plan is to present the ways in which your proposed program may grow beyond the grant period and funding received through the Transatlantic Mobility Program. You will need to describe how you intend to sustain student mobility and increase institutional exchanges over time.

Is there a specific period for the sustainability plan?

There is no set period for the sustainability plan, but longevity will be looked upon favorably. We recommend that you outline how your proposed program will continue in Years 2 and 3.


What is the amount of the Grant?

Eligible institutions can receive a Grant up to $20,000.

What is 1:1 cost matching?

You will need to match the grant offered by the French Embassy. The Transatlantic Mobility Program cannot represent more than 50% of your total budget.

Can staff costs be part of the cost matching?

Yes, staff costs can be accepted as part of the cost-share. However, these costs should not take up the majority of the budget. You can include it in the indirect costs.

Can the budget include faculty training and involvement?

Yes, it can be part of the budget as faculty is a multiplier and an important stakeholder for study abroad. The proposal should detail how this might increase the number of students involved.

What would be the right amount for the student travel award?

Student travel award amounts are left to your discretion, but a suggested range would be between $1,000 and $1,500.

Please use the TMP Budget Template. To be uploaded with the application.


Vincent Lépinay
Program Officer