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Albertine Chapters


The San Francisco Chapter of Albertine Foundation is committed to fostering connection between the City of San Francisco, the northwestern region of the United States, covering Northern California, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Pacific Islands under US jurisdiction (Guam and Samoa).

We support numerous Villa Albertine San Francisco projects in various fields, such as contemporary art, performing and visual arts, music, etc. Through these initiatives, Villa Albertine initiates and strengthens exchanges between French and local creators, curators, academics, activists, and institutions. Our main objective is to bring artistic communities together and inspire future long-term and solid collaborations.

Our focus

San Francisco serves as a perfect platform to foster French artistic and cultural initiatives in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. The city’s diverse and progressive community, including creators, activists, and entrepreneurs, aligns with our goals of promoting innovative thinking.

The city’s utopian and dystopian facets mirror the challenges and possibilities of the modern world, providing French artists an ideal context to engage with cultural, social, and political issues. San Francisco’s vibrant community, with its visionaries, activists, and creative thinkers, offers a unique opportunity to promote French culture and foster new collaborations between French and American artists and thinkers.

Hosting and producing content in synergy with partners

— Organize artists, professional and thinkers residencies
— Foster public debates

Expand and support the French cultural initiatives, provide resources

— Expand and strengthen the linguistic, educational, and academic network
— Promote the resources provided by France
— Support the initiatives of local actors in all disciplines
— Build synergies with political and economic actors


For all questions related to Albertine San Francisco, a chapter Albertine Foundation, please contact:

Sabine de Maussion
Cutural Attachée

Nicole Lavay
Program Officer