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The Transatlantic Mobility Program offers funding for American and French Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to co-develop integrated programs of education through mobility.

The program is a joint effort between Albertine Foundation, the Embassy of France in the United States, and the Embassy of the United States of America in France, to offer eligible institutions grants of up to $20,000 for a duration of 2 years to expand joint innovative education initiatives on both sides of the Atlantic.

The United States and France aim for a robust network of educational partnerships and exchange programs to reach the next generation of transatlantic leaders who will shape Franco-American relations for decades to come. To increase the number of students from France and the United States studying abroad in the context of integrated degrees, Higher Education Institutions must build strong partnerships and develop innovative and sustainable cross cultural pedagogy models.

Proposals will be evaluated on how projects can effectively produce a richer offer for students willing to experience French and American academic cultures.


The mobility of scholars and students is crucial to keep laboratories and classrooms informed of the latest pedagogical innovations. We seek proposals in all disciplines and at all levels (Bachelor’s / Master’s / PhD). Applicants should target durable pedagogical partnerships bringing closer different academic traditions. This entails mostly teaching initiatives but we also welcome projects straddling innovative pedagogies and research.

The histories of successful joint programs highlight the importance of gradual progress and careful planning in achieving comprehensive partnerships. We encourage proposals that demonstrate a clear pathway for capacity building and the development of innovative programs, emphasizing the importance of step-by-step progress toward establishing a fruitful partnership. Importantly, the Transatlantic Mobility Program initiative is focused on fostering the groundwork for these academic collaborations rather than serving as a direct funding source for students studying abroad. Proposals that provide tangible evidence of advancements in forging academic alliances will be particularly valued, underscoring our commitment to nurturing the foundation of lasting partnerships.

The following components will be prioritized during the selection of applications:

— Specificity of the proposed program in the current degree programs of each partner.

— Attractive features of the new program for French and U.S. students.

— Implementation steps and timeline of milestones leading to an integrated program.

— Applying institutions showing prior collaborations with each other will be considered in priority.

— Clear commitment and support from the institutions’ leadership to engage in a process that will lead to creating integrated educational program will be considered in priority.

— Demonstration of the project leaders’ capabilities in developing such programs in collaboration with an international partner or outlining the steps for capacity building for the project proponents. Equally important are the precedents that partners can mobilize to justify the new initiative. These precedents can either be theirs (prior degrees with other partner institutions) or models from prior partnerships between other universities that they draw upon and can list as success.

Application & Calendar


Application Deadline: July 15, 2024

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Vincent Lépinay
Inès Arcia

Program Officers