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French For All

Supporting foreign language education across the United States, French For All encompasses 4 programs:


French Dual Language Fund

Launched in 2017, expands and supports bilingual K-12 programs in American public schools. These programs focus mainly on Title 1 schools, where the majority of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. The French Dual Language Fund supports communities in 182 schools over 30 US states and counting. 

French Heritage Language Program

Launched in 2005, helps francophone immigrants and young Americans with francophone backgrounds maintain their linguistic and cultural heritage. For more than 11 years the program has supported students’ language skills, which are an invaluable social, academic, and professional asset, through programs such as AP coursework, college prep, and programs in the arts, all with a spotlight on West African and Caribbean cultures.

New Pathways to Teaching French

Launched in 2023, targets the shortage of foreign language instructors in American schools (America’s Languages: Investing in Language Education for the 21st Century, American Academy of arts and Sciences). The program leverages the skills of French-speaking Americans of all backgrounds to train a new generation of French teachers, notably through the creation of a dual Master’s Degree in education together with French and American universities, and through the annual sponsorship of 200 scholarships for American language assistants in France, to build pathways toward teaching.

Higher Education

French in Higher Education

Launched in 2023, addresses the ongoing loss of foreign language departments across American colleges and universities. It supports the modernization of French departments through calls for projects which encourage innovation in teaching, as well as faculty training and professional internships in France for American students. 

French For All is made possible through the generosity of:

Société Générale, Chanel Inc. , L’Oréal USA, Jane & Alfred Ross Foundation, Jeannine Manuel Foundation, Joly Family Foundation, John & Cynthia Reed Foundation, Albert & Elaine Borchard Foundation, Clarence Westbury Foundation, WES – World Education Services, TotalEnergies USA Foundation, & Private donors.