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French For All

This new program leverages the skills of French-speaking Americans of all backgrounds to train a new generation of French teachers, notably through the creation of the TAPIF to Teacher Initiative and the Multi-State Pathways to Teaching French.

Each initiatives seeks to leverage French-speaking people living in the US in different ways to give them new chances for a career in teaching.  

New Pathways to Teaching French initiatives are:

TAPIF to Teacher Initiative 

Every year nearly 1,500 new TAPIF participants travel to France to take advantage of this unique opportunity to live in France to improve their French proficiency level and discover the teaching profession. 

By choosing to become part of TAPIF, this cohort inherently demonstrates their interest in language teaching. In fact, according to a survey, 30% of them are seriously considering a career in teaching.  

This program, the TAPIF to Teacher Initiative, aims at providing them with clear and accelerated pathways to careers in teaching French through a Université Paris Nanterre online foundational certificate program (Diplôme d’Université) they can take in addition to their 12 hours a week workload. Offered in partnership with US universities’ MAT program, the 12 credits granted by the certificate program can easily be transferred towards these masters programs. 

Thanks to the French for All initiative, the French Embassy will offer up to 200 full scholarships for this certificate. 

The syllabi of this certificate program is currently being designed, and will offer two strands: 

1 – For those considering teaching French as a World Language 

2 – For those considering teaching a French Dual language Immersion program 

If you represent a U.S. university offering a MAT or M.Ed. and are willing to be part of this initiative, please reach out to us.

Multi-State Pathways to Teaching French

In memory of Yvonne André Istel

In the United States, 47 out of 50 States are currently experiencing a severe shortage of language teachers. This shortage threatens world language programs across the United States, including teachers of French: school administrators cite the most common reason for closing French programs as an inability to recruit qualified teachers. 

In response to this shortage, the Multi-State Pathway to Teaching French initiative helps those with a strong mastery of French enter into the teaching profession with fewer obstacles and blockages than obtaining a traditional teaching license.  

This initiative, facilitated by Catherine Ousselin and Bridget Yaden, will involve around 60 hours of training online, divided into three distinct phases. These training hours will allow the successful participant to receive a Personalized Learning Plan outlining the last steps required to obtain a teaching license, as well as up to three university credits applicable to an approved teacher preparation program. Participants will also be put in contact with the appropriate state and district administrators to find a placing within a school, and finish their certification while gaining actual classroom experience.

To apply, aspiring candidates must meet the following criteria: 

  • Have already obtained Bachelor’s degree (or the foreign equivalent) 
  • Prior authorization to work in the United States 
  • Mastery of the French language
  • Good knowledge of the English language 

If you want to learn more about the program, make sure to check out the dedicated website, Q&A, flyer, and webinar recording!


Elisa Alvarez
Program Officer