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From April 8 to 12, 2024, Sounds of New York will welcome seven French podcasters to take part in a one-week learning expedition to New York to meet key industry players. This program from Villa Albertine and Albertine Foundation, supported by Spotify, Radio France, RFI (France Médias Monde), SACD, Institut français, INA, Ausha and Paradiso Media — aims to support the development of French podcasts with high international potential.

With the rise of podcasting, a community of creators is booming: independent hosts and studios are inventing new forms of storytelling across all genres, from fiction to nonfiction, news, culture, and business. In France, podcasting remains a niche ecosystem where only a few studios manage to break through to the international market. Sounds of New York is an invitation to nurture a dialogue with both the major media firms and the independent podcasting community in the United States, where the market is already developed, and a multitude of creators, studios, platforms, advertising agencies, and types of media serve as inspiration for the budding French podcasting scene. 

In 2024, Sounds of New York will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the American podcasting ecosystem through meetings with industry leaders based in New York; provide inspiration to French podcast creators on writing podcasts; and promote French podcasters. 

During the five days spent in New York, participants will benefit from a presentation on the podcast ecosystem; visits and meetings with platforms, media, studios, and producers; and a cocktail party networking event where French participants pitch their projects and meet with New York professionals.

To learn more about the program you can visit the official website.


Camille Jeanjean