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Albertine Grants

Theatre & New Forms supports tours in the U.S. of theater, puppetry, contemporary and street theater projects by French or France-based artists rarely seen in the United States or in France by American artists rarely seen in France. Priority is given to projects that foster intercultural dialogue and contribute to its dynamism.

Eligibility & Guidelines

— Projects involving artists whose work has rarely been seen in the partner country.

— Only non-profit organizations are eligible. American organizations must demonstrate their 501(c)(3) status granted by the IRS. French organizations must provide proof of equivalent non-profit status for eligibility.

— American organizations must present a project that involves French or France-based artists. French organizations must present a project that involves at least one American or U.S based artist.

— The organization must show a clear financial and artistic commitment towards the project.

— Companies may submit applications to Theatre & New Forms only if they have identified at least two presenting partners who have indicated in writing their willingness to participate in the collaboration, as well as their financial commitment to the project.

— Tours of classical French repertory theater are not eligible through this program.

— No grants are awarded to individual artists.

— Theatre & New Forms does not support publications.

— When performed in the United States, productions including texts in French or other foreign languages must be performed with English titles or simultaneous translation.

— When performed in France, productions including texts in English must be performed with French subtitles or simultaneous translation.

— Theatre & New Forms grant support up to 50% of the expenses related to the artistic project such as housing, per-diem, travel, visa expenses, equipment rentals, related to the production, but cannot exceed the amount $15,000).

— Theatre & New Forms does not cover the operating and front of the house expenses of the presenting organization.

Calendar & Application



Please note that prior to the deadline, applicant organizations are encouraged to contact a Theatre & New Forms representative to confirm the eligibility of their project and address any inquiries.


Louise Dodet
Program Officer