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Albertine Grants

The Artistic Committee is comprised of independent American and French professionals who specialize in performing arts. A Program Officer facilitates the operations and activities of the Artistic Committee and plays a vital role in assisting organizations to develop new projects, connect with potential partners, and evaluate the eligibility of their projects for support.

Present & Past Committee Members

Franck Bauchard, Philip Bither, Jacques Blanc, Stéphane Boitel, Susan Booth, Sandrine Bossan, Cathy Bouvard, Clémence Bouzitat, Marcel Bozonnet, Robert Cantarella, Jim Carmody, Lenora Champagne, Manuel Césaire, Marie Collin, Curt Columbus, Muriel Couton, Alain Crombecque (†), Gwendola David, Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, Elisabeth Diamond, Laurent Dreano, Erik Ehn, Nicolas Elliott, Oskar Eustis, Jean-Claude Fall, Michel Fournier, Boo Froebel, Barbara Gaines, Randy Gener, Ariel Goldenberg, Sandrine Grataloup, Del Hamilton, Pierre Hivernat, Nunally Kersh, Cynthia Hedstrom, Jean-Marie Hordé, Gideon Lester, Nicole Martin, Angela Mattox, Joseph V. Melillo, Charles Newell, Stanislas Nordey, Jacques Peigne, Carey Perloff, Travis Preston, Marie Raymond, Sophie Renaud, Mark Russell, Manuel Piolat Soleymat, Molly Smith, Susan Solt, Laurent Vinauger, Sixto Wagan, Guy Walter, Philippa Wehle, Jörn Weisbrodt.


Louise Dodet
Program Officer