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Application Form

The Leading Institution will receive and manage the funds.

U.S. Institution

Please no abbreviations

French Institution

Please no abbreviations
Please specify any additional partner to the project (Name of the institution, name of the researcher)

Project Overview

Please indicate if credits are U.S. credits or ECTS
Please provide an estimation of the number of students that will be impacted by this program by 2025.

Project Description & Outcomes

Brief description of the main goals, objectives, key activities and anticipated results of the project.
Please describe in detail the proposed study-abroad project and how your institutions will work together to implement this project and achieve its objectives. This should include the following key elements:

– The project’s goals and objectives.
– How the project will increase the flow of inbound and/or outbound students between the partner institutions.
– The activities that will take place during the project.
– The imagined impact of the project.
– How the project will help to achieve diversity and inclusion in study abroad.

Please describe how you will recruit for the program and communicate (student ambassadors, website, social media, webinars, etc.).
Funding is a one-time allocation, but the project is not viewed as a one-year project.
Institutions must provide a Sustainability Plan, answering the following questions, to assure program longevity:

– How do you intend to assure the project’s longevity after the grant period? How will you continue to operate and/or grow your study abroad programming?
– How will the two partner institutions continue to collaborate?
– What are the expected long-term outcomes on your institutions’ internationalization efforts? (i.e. increase international academic exchange and unlock new opportunities, create new study-abroad infrastructure, increase support and awareness for study-abroad programs, etc.)
– Describe any current and/or future efforts to broaden and expand your partnership through future activities and collaborations (i.e. study abroad curriculum integration).

Financial Information & Budget

The budget narrative details the expenses in each budget category, and which budget items will be covered by the grant, and which ones will be covered by matching funds (e.g., cost-share). The descriptions in the narrative should match the items in the budget chart. Explain how you will leverage funding to comply with the matching requirement (at least 1:1 match). Please note that there is no maximum percentage required. Overhead costs cannot be included in the funding.


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Curriculum Vitae
Each CV, both in English, shall not exceed 2 pages. No pictures.

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If necessary, an annex of maximum ONE page can be added to show a graphic representation or a bibliography to complete the project proposal.

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