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© Gala Espel, NY Residency April 2023, work from Kyle Scott Lee

The Oui Design! Exhibition Grants provide financial support through a grant system to New York based galleries and exhibition spaces that wish to organize exhibitions or installations featuring young or emerging French and France-based designer, including a public event as part of Oui Design! during NYCxDesign (16-23 May, 2024).

The program aims to support innovative and engaging design projects that address relevant issues in contemporary design across the world. The program primarily seeks to introduce French designers whose works have rarely, if ever, been shown in the United States. It achieves this by fostering active collaboration and sustainable partnerships between French interior designers and NYC based galleries or exhibition spaces wishing to foster artistic exchanges with French design.

This exhibition will be highly promoted in the context of Oui Design!, a platform of events and shows promoting French designers and craftspeople, between May 16 and 21. Organized in partnership with NYCxDesign Festival, this exhibition could start earlier and last longer but must include at least an opening or a meeting with the designer during Oui Design! 2024.

Eligibility & Guidelines

— All types of design are considered for Oui Design! Exhibition Grants.
— Funding areas include solo exhibits and group exhibits.
— Special attention will be given to innovative projects demonstrating a sustainable approach.
— Designers involved must be of French nationality or have lived in France for more than five years, with at least five years of proven professional experience as a designer after their initial training.
— Priority will be given to young designers and to works that have never or rarely been exhibited in the U.S.
— The selection committee will favor projects exhibiting a series of items by the designer rather than only one work as well as the presence of the designer during OuiDesign!

Grants will not exceed a maximum amount of $8,000. 

Applicant galleries or exhibition spaces must provide: 

— A detailed type written description of the artistic project clearly outlining the essential ideas, goals and methodology of the exhibition or project.
— A detailed and balanced overall budget proposal listing all provisional expenses and incomes.
— A curriculum vitæ of each French or France based designer.
— An artistic Portfolio: audio / visual work (catalogues, photographs, exhibition stills, video link).

Calendar & Application



Olivier Le Falher
Program Officer