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Albertine Grants


These grants provide financial support to American and French nonprofit institutions (museums, art centers, etc.) wishing to organize exhibitions featuring living French or France-based artists and American artists, respectively.

The aim is to encourage the international development of American and French contemporary art institutions, to support the French art scene and American artists to French audiences, to renew and diversify the possibilities for artistic exchange between France and the United States.

The program primarily seeks to introduce French artists to American audiences, and American artists to French audiences, especially if their works have rarely, if ever, been shown in the other country.

Priority is given to coproductions, new commissions, or all types of projects creating new connections or partnerships between institutions, living artists and curators from both sides.


Artistic field: VISUAL ARTS

The project must fall within the field of visual arts in its broadest sense (including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, performance, video, installation, etc.). 

Funding areas include solo and collective exhibitions, as well as commission works for festivals, biennial, triennial, and permanent installations. In the case of group exhibitions, the jury will pay attention to the importance given to the work and number of pieces of the artist involved in the application.

For American institutions:
Artists involved must be French nationals OR have lived in France for more than 5 years and his artworks should be produced in relation with a French institution.

For French institutions:
Artists involved must be American citizens living AND working in the United States.

The Committee will favor creations commissioned for the exhibition, including the presence of the artist, rather than supporting the shipping of previous artworks.

Pre-show travel by the curator to France or to the United States may be included in the project budget, as long as the main part of the grant is allocated to the implementation of the project in the exhibition’s country.

Grants may not exceed 50% of the expenses related to the production of the project, but can not exceed $30,000 for a solo exhibition, a commission, a Festival, a Biennial, or a Triennial, and can not exceed $15,000 for an artist participating in a collective exhibition.

Etant donnés DOES NOT cover the operating and front of the house expenses of the presenting organization.

Applicants must:

— Complete the online application form.

— Upload Detailed estimated Budget. Budget Template.
— Upload Description of the project for which the grant is being requested.
— Upload PDF with a short resume of the artist(s) + Portfolio with exhibition stills, video/sound links.
(Size of the file: 5MB max – No “wetransfer”, “dropbox” etc.)
— Upload the SIRET code (France) or the W-9 Form (United States) of the institution.

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Olivier Le Falher
Program Officer