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Ten years after she published her last novel, Sibyl decides to quit her successful practice as a psychoanalyst and begin writing again, surprising her partner and children with this apparently rash decision. As she is about to leave her practice, she accepts an emergency appointment with Margot, a young actress pregnant with the costar of her next film, who is himself in a relationship with the film’s director. Initially reluctant to see Margot, Sibyl gradually becomes drawn to her story, finding echoes in it of her own lost love and soon turning what Margot says in therapy into the plot of her new novel. As Margot clings to Sibyl for support, Sibyl follows her to her film set on the island of Stromboli, crossing the lines between therapist and participant and between fiction and fact. After the critically-lauded hit In Bed with Victoria, writer-director Justine Triet and actress Virginie Efira team up again for another remarkable portrait of a professional woman in crisis, upping the ante in terms of emotional complexity, narrative ambition, and awkward comedy. In the role of Sibyl, Efira delivers a fearless, raw performance without losing the glamorous sheen that make her one the most compelling movie stars of our era.