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When the struggling inhabitants of Colobane learn that the colossally wealthy Linguère Ramatou is returning to her impoverished hometown, they put together a welcome committee headed by Linguère’s former lover Dramaan Drameh, in hopes that a warm reception will encourage her to use her wealth to put an end to their problems. Yet Linguère arrives with a shocking proposal to give the town and its citizens an extraordinary amount of money…if they accept to kill Dramaan, who she reveals impregnated and abandoned her when she was a teenager. The vexed citizens initially reject her offer, but as the town’s debt accumulates in the face of a flood of consumer goods, Dramaan begins to fear for his life. With his second and last feature, pioneering Senegalese director Djibril Diop Mambéty loosely adapted Swiss dramatist Friedrich Durrenmatt’s classic play The Visit, setting this universal tale of revenge and moral corruption in an African context that balances references to folklore, timeless parallels between humans and animals, and an astute sense of Senegal and the African continent’s complex place in the global economic order. By breathing new life into Hyenas’s vibrant colors, mesmerizing music, and arresting compositions, this sublime restoration underscores the 1992 masterpiece’s enduring relevance.