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French For All

They are Multilingual:

I speak Fulani with my parents, Wolof with my sisters, French with my friends from Africa and Haiti and English with my American friends”

El Hadj.

They are the future of Bilingual education:

 I strongly believe that more bilingual programs are crucial for students whose first language is not English, as a space where they do not have to start learning over from scratch and allows them to switch languages without being shamed or ridiculed.”


They are the future of French outside of France.

Audrey is from Cameroon and was able to maintain her French, one of the languages she uses with her family here in the US but also back home.

They are the future. Period.

Samuela is now a freshman at Binghamton University where she studies to be a bioengineer. She scored a perfect 5 at the AP French.


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New York, NY, 10075